My main research areas are in empirical industrial organization, applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, and health economics. My current research explores the sources and implications of heterogeneous firm decisions and consumer reactions on advertising, diet quality, and sweetened beverages taxes. I analyze barcode-level scanner and nutrition data to deepen our understanding of how individuals respond to changes in public health policies in food and beverages industries.


What drives the reduction in sodium intake? Evidence from scanner data” with Christian Rojas. 2024. Food Policy. [Paper] [Online Appendix]

Are food manufacturers reducing sugar content? Evidence from scanner data” with Christian Rojas. 2024. Agribusiness: An International Journal [Paper] [Online Appendix]

Working Papers

Is traditional advertising effective? New evidence from mass-produced lager beer” 2023. [Paper and Online Appendix]

Effectiveness of soda taxes: Evidence from alternative causal inference methods” 2024.Under Review. [Paper]

How effective are voluntary agreements to offer healthier products? Evidence from sodium content” with Christian Rojas. 2024. Under Review. [Paper]

The Effects of Climate Change on Nutrient Demand” with Jung Hoon Han, Lei Pan, Xiaoyong Zheng, and Christian Rojas. 2024. [Paper]

Work In Progress

Attributes and preferences on nutrition intake in the United States: Evidence from healthy eating index” with Christian Rojas.

Trans fat intake in the United States: Evidence from scanner data” with Christian Rojas.

Marketing “local”: Exploring the benefits and geographic reach of using place-based names for beer products” with Yufei Fu and Kathryn Boys.

Behavioral responses to permissive alcohol laws

Resting Papers

The Evolution of Diet Quality in the United States” with Christian Rojas and Emily Yucai Wang. 2020. [Paper]

Rockets and feathers in U.S. meats and poultry” with Xiao Dong and Tomislav Vukina. 2022.

Does occupation affect alcohol consumption? Evidence from restaurant workers” with Bhagyashree Katare. 2022.